What is Self Governance?

Self-governance is exercising individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority for the control of instituted government.

Our mission is to teach Arizonans to keep their Republic by rediscovering and effectively exercising their civic authority.

In their own words...

"If we can focus on the people and teach them how to wield their power again, we can restore this republic."  Kurt Potter, Center for Self-Governance Co-Founder

"This is the best class on civic activism I have ever taken. After having been through so many efforts that have fallen short, I believe that this new approach will save us a lot of blood, sweat, and tears." Rob Chase, Spokane WA County Treasurer

"If you want an effective, professional, step by step method of taking back your country, this is the way to do it.  They will teach you how to stop wasting your time and energy on doing the wrong things.  You will become a powerful, respected agent for change."  Anita Christy, GilbertWatch